Detailed Inspection Reports

Detailed Inspection Report


Our reports are BIG because we not only tell you whats wrong with the home we also tell you whats right with the home. But relax, don't be overwhelmed by a big inspection report because everything you really need to know is up front in the summary pages of the report. And unlike most other home inspection reports our summary has photos.

Health and Safety Issues


Health an safety issues are the first thing you will see in your inspection report summary. Safety issues such as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, their proper type and proper location.

Water Heaters


At least 60% of water heaters I see are improperly installed and have safety issues. Most home owners and realtors don't know that it is actually required to obtain a permit for replacing a water heater. The most common  safety issues with water heaters is improper venting or vent pipe, improper temperature pressure relief pipe and improper strapping.